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About us

About us


To us our cuisine is a vital contributor to the preservation and revival of our culture and the traditions. Food has always been as an offering to the divine. We follow cuisine practices out of genuine understanding and commitment rather than trends.

Our cuisine is based in fresh natural food, low in calories with an emphasis in fresh fruits and vegetables, lean protein, low fat nondairy product and avoidance of added or artificial salts, colors, and flavors.

Our cuisine team produces everything from bread butter to ramen and desserts in our kitchen; broadening its knowledge and deepening roots tirelessly.


“Vegan” cuisine is a stricter form of Vegetarianism where animal meat and products of animal origin are not consumed, meaning, no eggs or dairy products and usually no honey either.

‘’Veganapati’’ is a name created with the unique fusion of the two words “Vegan” and “Ganapati”, because we are proud to serve Vegan cuisine garnished with Indian spirituality. Some of the healthiest vegan dishes are ranked as follows: Tofu Scramble, Eggplant Parmesan, Tofu, Bean-Centered Dishes, Spring Rolls, Quinoa, Rice and Beans. “Ganapati” is the most popular Hindu god and the remover of all obstacles from his devotees’ life. According to the Ganapati Upanishad, Lord Ganesha appeared even before the creation of nature (prakriti) and consciousness (purusha). This is an important link as to why Lord Ganesha is worshiped before beginning any task. According to this scriptures, Lord Ganesha is eternal and he appeared even before the process of creation.

According to the Hindu scriptures, mans’ ultimate aspiration is to be one with God (viz, attain ‘’moksha’’ or freedom from rebirth). To achieve this, one must have a healthy mind and body, for which the right diet is a major contributor. To serve the right food ‘’Veganapati” leans on the 5000 year old, time-tested, Indian system of medicine called Ayurveda. As per the principals of Ayurveda a balance of the five elements in a diet. (viz. earth, water, air fire and ether) leads to a healthy body and mind. And the food recommended is “Saatvik” (or pure diet) that’s primarily vegetarian, uses fresh, seasonal food (no leftovers), no meat… In fact the origin of Veganism can be traced back to these ancient Indian principals of Ayurveda.

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